My OC Avris, drawn by yours truly.

Hi, I'm Avi.

Hey! Thanks for checking out my page. Here's where you can find me!

Call me Avi (pronounced ah-vee)! I'm an aspiring artist who likes to play video games! I may not always respond to you if you intiate conversation with me but know that I do see it and appreciate it ♡ Do feel free to talk though!


OCsBandoriDogs!!!!!!! (My life!)Fire Emblem Heroes

Splatoon 2MiitopiaMario (TTYD & Sunshine is Good, as well as many other games. I won't shut up about them.)Pokémon (Explorers of Sky, Platinum, and HeartGold are my favs)KirbyAnimal Crossing Legend of ZeldaRhythm HeavenProfessor LaytonTales ofBravely seriesRune Factory Okami/denMOTHER seriesCave StoryOneshotLiEatIM@S

Let's Players (Chuggaaconroy, Lucahjin, and StephenGeorg are my favs but that general friend group is just great too)KageproMagi歌い手 (そらる、まふまふ、窓つき@、Eve, Sou)
There's a lot of others but those are the ones that come to mind as of now hehe ( ´ ω `) ♡