Siu's Home

Hello! Thank you for checking out my page! Below is my main Twitter account, art account, ko-fi, and a link to my commissions tweet!

About Me!

Call me whatever you'd like! I go by multiple names, mostly because I feel refreshed having a new name every now and then. But I guess Siu (see-yu) or Kae (kah-eh) are some names you can call me if you'd like. My pronouns are she/her, and I'm an adult. Most of the time I won't reply to you if you reply to a tweet of mine; I'm really bad at communicating, but know that I do see it. I also delete tweets sometimes in bouts of anxiousness. Any sort of attention on non-art-related tweets get me feeling nervous.

My best friend is Ray (@miyaiw)! We've known each other for a long, long time, and she means a lot to me. You'll see me RT her art every now and then, usually whenever she posts them. She's a very good friend and I love her super much! I would die for her aaaaa

Tiny Facts
Vulpix is my absolute favorite Pokémon!"The Golden Compass" (and the overall His Dark Materials series) is my favorite book.Sky blue and reddish-pink are my favorite colors.I love dogs the most out of any animal. (But ermines are really hecking cute too)I absolutely love commissioning people or buying charms from them. It's kind of a problem I have.This is my 4th main account. Only a select few people have seen and stayed with all four of my accounts. I've been on Twitter since 2011.My username Avrisul is dreived from the name Avris, which is the name of an OC of mine as well as an Umbreon (that I love with all my heart) which originated in Heartgold.

Contacts/Other Info

DMing via Avrisul or Risiusiu on Twitter
Discord: Mutuals only, ask via DM
Nintendo Switch FC: Mutuals only, ask via DM

What I like, including but not limited to:

Octopath Traveler ☆
Splatoon ☆
Fire Emblem Heroes ☆ (I love FE in general though; I drew Lugh for the FECompendium!)
Tomodachi Life ☆
Miitopia ☆
Pokémon ☆ (Heartgold, and Platinum are my fav main series games. I love the PMD series with all of my heart though)
Mario (The M&L RPG series alongside the Paper Mario [TTYD!!!!!] series are my favs)
Okami/den ☆
Tales of series ☆ (DotNW and Abyss are my favs)
Bandori ☆
IM@S ☆
Bravely series
Animal Crossing
Professor Layton (UF best game but LS is a close second thanks to London Life)
Rhythm Heaven
Night in the Woods
Cave Story
Ace Attorney

Let's Players like Lucahjin, Stephen Georg, and Chuggaaconroy (but that general friend group is Fantastic overall)
Utaite such as Soraru, Mafumafu, Eve, Sou, Madotsuki@, and Amatsuki